With around 100 members, the Club has become one of the largest in the UK in terms of membership and is one of the most active. Outgrowing its original venue, the Club moved in 1997 to the Bowenhurst Golf Centre, where a new fully floodlit terrain was built to provide 16 internationally sized pistes of 17m x 4m. It is one of the UK’s premier pétanque venues, having hosted several national and regional qualifying competitions.

  • The Club draws its membership from many parts of the surrounding area and comprises almost equal numbers of men and women, encompassing a wide range of ages and abilities. Junior members are actively encouraged and the Club recognizes that pétanque is one of the few sports where the disabled can often play as equal partners to the able-bodied.
  • Since its formation, the Club has been affiliated to the BPA Southern Region (now the Southern Counties Petanque Association). It participates in both 6- and 9-a-side leagues and also in the 6-a-side North Downs League, which was initiated by one of our founder members. The Club organises a full calendar of its own events, from singles, doubles and triples competitions, to informal mêlées and friendly matches against neighbouring clubs.
  • Club Night is on Thursday evenings from about 7:30 pm and other evenings are used for match practice, coaching sessions, league matches, etc. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are also popular for informal games amongst the membership, and many of our retired members enjoy playing on Tuesday afternoons. Subject to terrain availability, the facilities are open for members to play on any day of the week.